Tara Surge

Lock the Gate and Stop CSG Tara presents…


May 20th-25th

Stop CSG Tara has been forced to take action against QGC/BG Group after continued mishandling of residents legitimate concerns regarding health and environmental authority breaches. Our actions will include gas field tours and non-violent civil disobedience.

Stop CSG Tara is made up of residents, locals and supporters of people battling the rapid expansion of CSG in rural communities. We invite anybody who shares our views to please join us from May 20th for a week of tours and direct actions, culminating in a sit-in on the 25th of May at the BG Group/QGC Kenya Gas field operations.

We ask anybody who will be joining us to read our values so we all know what to expect for the week:
• I will treat each person (including workers, police and media) with respect I will connect with people and attempt to win hearts & minds
• I will not use violence, threats or insulting language
• I will protect opponents from insults or attack
• I will not damage equipment, apparatus or property of others I will accept responsibility for my actions
• If I am arrested, I will behave in an exemplary manner
• I will assert my right to protest and my right to silence before the law
• I will know the limits of my anger or despair, and will develop strategies to manage and channel these emotions constructively

We will provide these facilities: Clean hot showers, clean toilets, & a clean kitchen area.

You will need to bring camping gear.

Communications: Telstra 3G phones and wireless Internet work, Boost mobile also works

Last food and fuel before base camp is Dalby. Closest town is 47km away from base camp where fuel and shopping is available.

Directions (about 4 hours’ drive from Brisbane):

If you are using a GPS, the address may show up as Bennetts School Rd or Old Tara Rd – they are the same road.

  • North on M1 take Toowoomba exit on to the Logan motorway.
  • Follow signs through Toowoomba to Dalby.
  • Dalby last fuel and food.
  • From Dalby head towards Chinchilla,
  • about 5 km out of Dalby take the Left turn to Kogan you will pass a cotton gin on your right.
  • Take next left to Kogan (Kogan Condamine rd).
  • Just before Kogan don’t take the road to Tara keep driving through Kogan.
  • About 30km past Kogan you will come to the Cross roads (about 88km past Dalby) turn left towards Tara. There is a sign that will say “Tara energy hub”.
  • You will pass Vanrenes Rd on your right (Kenya gas field) then Dougal Rd also on your right,
  • the next road is Wieambilla Rd (on left is Kenya block valve and pipe yard) turn right follow until the end of tar turn left into Old Tara Rd (dirt road) I am #218 on your right, 2.3kms along – Lock the gate signs out front.




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