This February, changemakers of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds will be meeting at the Marion Bay Falls Festival site in Tasmania for a social justice conference like nothing else.


The final programme is now released! Keynote lectures, workshops and discussion panels… this is more than just sustainability and activism, it’s about capacity building, community consultation, social enterprise and economics, how to launch a social justice campaign, how to design better systems, educate our children and address inequality.

Newkind is the education we should have received but never did. And you can view the whole program now on the Newkind Festival website

Check out the program and don’t miss your chance to be there. Less than 100 tickets left.

Falls Festival Site – Marion Bay – Tasmania 
19th – 24th February 2019

All meals, drinks and ground transport from Hobart airport included with all tickets.

Just be sure to bring your keep cup, your reusable water bottle and a mind that is open and eager to learn.

I’ll be involved in the following sessions:

  • Wednesday 20 February 2019 10:15 am Panel Discussion
    “Economic injustice: Design flaw or intended outcome”
    Aidan Ricketts, Sarah Sannen, Mehran Granfar, Helena Norberg-Hodge
    Hosted by Laurence Toye
  • Friday 22 February 11:45am. Lecture:  Aidan Ricketts
     “Activism as we approach the edge”
  • Friday 5:30 pm Keynote lecture “Big ideas of the day” with Aidan Ricketts and Laura Sykes
  • Saturday 23 February Panel Discussion “Self health and Global Responsibilities”
    With Kate Alexandra; Nicole Gibson; Dr Samantha Graham; Aidan Ricketts
    Hosted by Ella Rose Goninan

Book or view the program below

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