The “CSG-Free Community Strategy” being launched by CSG-Free Northern Rivers aims to go beyond the idea of locking individual gates and will take our resistance to a whole of community level. To this end local communities are being trained in non violent civil resistance to all CSG activity. A key part of this growing movement is the Northern Rivers Pledge (pdf), a declaration by individuals of their preparedness for action to defend their homes and their communities from CSG activities.

The CSG-Free Community Strategy will begin by encouraging local residents to form local committees to lock local roads to CSG activity, but as local networks link up whole valleys and communities will become CSG-Free areas.

The sign says it all: Lock the gate, Lock your roads, protect your communities!

Very soon the CSG-Free Northern Rivers website will be launched to provide resources and advice for all local communities wanting to take part in this strategy, including forms and processes for organising local groups, passing resolutions to close roads to CSG activity and public notices of community protection. The CSG-Free Northern Rivers website will be up and running soon, but you can go now and ask to be sent an email when it launches at

Key to the success of this strategy is teaching people about how to successfully engage in non violent community resistance. The Activists Handbook together with specific resources and training packages being developed by CSG-Free Northern Rivers will help to empower local communities to protect our beautiful region from being turned into an industrial gasfield.

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