The training day at Keerong Hall was a huge success. As has become familiar we had a very representative sample of the local community: contractors, farmers, small business owners, and many fired up people self-describing as former conservatives. Lismore councilor Simon Clough, myself (Aidan Ricketts) and Environmental Defender’s office lawyer Sue Higginson provided a comprehensive full days training, including segments dealing with the life cycle of social movements, campaign planning and non-violent direct action. Our efforts were fuelled by an absolute banquet of food, cake and drinks from the Keerong community. The Keerong day road tested our successful formula for community education and empowerment and it will now be rolled out around the region in coming months.

The great value of setting up a decentralized network as part of a burgeoning social movement like CSG-Free is that all groups can have local autonomy in defending their area whilst being part of larger strategic political and logistical support alliance.

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