Reboot is for anyone asking big questions about what’s wrong with our society and what we, together, can do about it. The Greens are excited to bring together great speakers and big topics and want you to join in. Help us maintain our grassroots democratic approach to social change and develop our principles of peace, sustainability and social justice.

Dates: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 September, 2014

Venue: Guthrie Theatre, UTS Design and Architecture Building CB06, 702-730 Harris Street, Ultimo

Preliminary Program

Saturday 20th September

Registration 9AM

Welcome 9:30AM

9:35 Saturday # 1: Money flows, people flee, inequality globalizes – Lee Rhiannon, Kate Lee, Nick Riemer, Nour Dados

11:00 Saturday #2: Life in Aboriginal Australia now: 4 leaders speak – Aunty Hazel Collins, Jenny Munro, Barb Shaw (tbc), Aunty (Dr) Juanita Sherwood

13:30 Saturday #3: Climate change beyond denialism: Back to the market, or…? – Holly Creenaune, Gareth Bryant, SPEAKER (tbc)

15:00 Saturday #4: “One term Tony”: If we beat them, what comes next? – Adam Bandt, Jim Casey, Elizabeth Humphrys

16:10 Saturday Final: Our dangerous world: How do we get closer to peace & human rights? – Donna Mulhearn, Stuart Rees, Michael Brull

Social event at UTS bar from 17:30

Sunday 21st September

Registration 9AM

Welcome 9:30AM

9:35 Sunday #1: Are we being watched? Should we be afraid? How real is our democracy? – Scott Ludlam, Wendy Bacon, Ruby Hamad, Brendan Molloy

11:00 Sunday #2: ANZAC’s long shadow: How do we demilitarize Australian culture? – Marilyn Lake, Mehreen Faruqi, Peter Slezak

13:30 Sunday #3: What would a real education revolution look like? – John Kaye, other speaker tbc

14:45 Sunday #4: If the 1% rule, is a Green government possible? – Natalie Bennett (Skype), Shane Rattenbury (Skype), Stewart Jackson, Tad Tietze

16:05 Sunday Final: Standing up, sitting down, locking on: Direct action rebooting our future – Scott Ludlam, Aidan Ricketts, Julie Macken

Conference cost:

Weekend standard price: $40  |  low-income price: $20
One-day standard price: $20  |  low-income price: $10
Includes morning & afternoon tea.

Facebook event

Register interest in childcare – to be confirmed
Map of Guthrie Theatre, Harris Street, Ultimo

20th September, 2014 9:00 AM   through   21st September, 2014 5:00 PM
Phone: 90456999 
Weekend standard $ 40.00
One-day standard $ 20.00
Weekend concession $ 20.00
One-day concession $ 10.00

Register here


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